Here's what some past dance students have had to say about their experience...

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(NYC can be a very small world sometimes!
Many new couples tell me they wind up finding old friends/co-workers of theirs on this page,
so take a look and see if you recognize anyone you know!).

pictured: Fred & Kate
(during a dance lesson in May 2005)

"Just wanted to let you know, the first dance was a smashing success!
The wedding itself was absolutely beautiful...every aspect of it...nothing short of perfection.
"You Make Me Feel So Young" went PERFECT. We were relaxed, having fun,
and hit every stumbles, no slip-ups, no crashes, and the dip received thunderous applause.
Just got off the phone with my Dad who said we looked like Fred & Ginger!
Thanks so much for everything, and as soon as we get some pix/video we'll send em' your way!"
All the best,
Fred and Kate"

Ana & Nolan 2004
It was fun and Ana and I want to thank you so much for all your help and patience.
You're great and very creative.

"It went well, and we have you to thank! Here's a photo of us dancing at the wedding!
Thanks for all of your instruction and inspiration, Kerensa!
David & Tanya"

"Karensa - Well, they looked great!!! We all had a fabulous time! When they
started their first dance everyone there sighed in appreciation of good
dancing (slow, slow, quick, quick). David and Tanya are off to Italia
for a few weeks and I'm sure they will continue kick up their heels.

You did a great job with all four of us and I hope I can continue to
recommend you in the future to other friends. We'll send some pictures
as we get them. . .

Thanks again and keep in touch,
[ from Anne & Matt- reporting back on their friends David & Tanya]








Thank you so much for your wonderful ballroom dancing lessons. Johnny and I practiced and practiced and didn't mess up at the reception! The guests LOVED it and were so surprised that two klutzes could get it together. They even said we looked like pros, and we owe it all to you! :) Here are some photos from my sister's camera that show the wedding and the Chinese reception. When the photographer's photos come in, I'll send you one of us doing the dance.

Thanks again!

Johnny and Beverly


"The first dance was terrific -- as was the second, third, fourth, etc.
Actually, we went to a wedding three weeks later, heard our song, and
fox-trotted away to it just like before -- it was great fun. We had an
awesome time taking lessons with you, and tell all our newly-engaged friends
about you. Hopefully, we'll be able to get some friends together for a
refresher course sometime soon.

In the meantime, we've also attached a representative photo of the dip at
the end for your web site if you'd like to use it ,
along with some other re-sized & re-cropped photos as
well. We have the whole thing on tape, too, and someday we (i.e. Henry)
will get around to creating an animated .GIF of it.

Thanks again,
Henry and Naomi"



"Hello, Kerensa!
Our first dance went well. We messed up a couple of times, but no one else noticed. I think people were impressed.
I heard one of Jesse's classmates is now taking lessons with you. Thanks for the great teaching!
Bonnie & Jesse"

"Hey Kerensa!
We really enjoyed our lesson! You're a very good teacher!!!
Eden & Peter"

THANK YOU VERY MUCH. You're a great teacher, and we learned a lot from you.
Josh & Stacey"

"Thank you for your
patience and good humor - Marc and I both feel that we've learnt a
tremendous amount under your guidance. It was a fun experience, which
really helped to bring us together in the weeks preceding the wedding.

We're ready to dazzle them!

Charlotte & Marc"

"Hi Kerensa

Thanks for all your hard work with us over the last
couple of weeks. We enjoyed the lessons and definitely feel confident
enough to do the first dance. We will be sure to let you know how it goes.

Best regards
Michael & Monica"

"Hey Kerensa!

Sorry you haven't heard from us - after all the excitement we've just been laying low and relaxing.

The first dance went great.
Everyone loved the mock fight during the intro - I could hear people in the audience laughing.
We got a lot of compliments on the dance . . . for which we owe you a big thanks.
Even though it wasn't perfect, I know we looked really good.

One of Nina's friends shot a video of the dance, but we haven't seen it yet.
No professional photos yet, either, but hopefully very soon.

Thanks again for making such an important part of our wedding so special.
It was a lot of fun and very educational for me, a definite non-dancer, to work with you.

Nat" (of Nina & Nat)

"Your lessons were GREAT! The dance went really well. I am so happy that I
found you. I can't imagine what we would've done without
you... thank you especially for your brilliant choreography. The audience
laughed at all the right places during that long introduction in the
beginning :-) Nat leads with such grace & confidence now, thanks to you!

Last Friday we went swing dancing at Jack Rose for the first time with some friends & had
a blast. It was so much fun that we're going again this Friday. Do you have
plans? If not, do join us! It would be fun to see you again.

Nina" (of Nina & Nat)

"Thank you Kerensa!

Josh and I had a great time practicing our dancing Saturday
at the Rainbow Room. Thanks for suggesting it.
We told all our friends what a blast it was, and that they should do it as well.
It totally gave us more confidence and inspiration, all your students should go!
We're really exicted about doing the dramatic finale at the end of our foxtrot,
and about nailing the swing moves too. I hope that you had a great
time at the ball, we tried to rally for but sadly,
Josh had a little too much work to do. (next year!)
Thanks so much.
Have a good week,
Sara & Josh"

"Hi Karensa!

The dance went very well! I characterized it as "not as good as our best dance in dance class" but pretty darn spectacular considering all the adrenaline and excitement of the day! People cheered and clapped before we'd even done a twirl, again upholding my theory that simply doing more than swaying side to side will impress people. :-) We did do a great routine, though, and ended up just where we were supposed to at the end! Best of all, later when we danced it was easy and we didn't feel tied to a routine at all. We did lots of foxtrot and swing numbers, and hope to keep it up in the future!

Here is a link--if you'd like to check it out you'll see some pictures from the day, including a few from the first dance! Just click and it'll take you to my page.

Thanks again for being such a great dance teacher!

Joyce & Tony"


Thank you so much for helping Scott and I with the foxtrot to prepare for
our wedding. Our first dance turned out beautifully and we received so many
compliments. More importantly, we felt completely comfortable and calm
dancing together in front of all of our guests! We posted our wedding photos
online for friends and family and thought you might be want to see them in
case you need photos for your website/portfolio. Our photographer captured
the grand finale perfectly (And also the promenade - but Scott had his eyes
closed!). You can view the photos at:

Best regards,

Amy & Scott"

"Thanks so much for your classes - a lot of my friends were impressed
with our fancy open break steps! We'll be sure to get you a postcard!
We cant wait to see the video as it was hard to tell what was going on
during our 1st dance!

Chris & Betty"

simplycool26: hi Kerensa this is Diana and Mark, just wanted to say thanks!
BallroomDance: you're welcome-- how did it go?
simplycool26: oh it was amazing people are still talking about it
BallroomDance: great!!!
BallroomDance: (I knew you guys would be fabulous)
simplycool26: as soon as we get the pics we will send you one
BallroomDance: I'd love one
simplycool26: thanks you are very sweet
BallroomDance: :)
simplycool26: :)

Diana & Mark


Bobby & Angela"

"hi kerensa,

we are back from hawaii (sadly). the dance went very, very well -- sean and
i got many compliments thanks to you! we would love to email you a picture
when they come in -- thanks so much for everything!

emily & sean"

"Dear Kerensa,

The tango was a huge success and everything was perfect.
We very much enjoyed taking lessons with you and we learned a lot.
Sorry, no postcards from our honeymoon - for a week we forgot about the rest of the world......
We do not have a good tango photo right now, but are expecting more photos from
friends soon. I will forward you some photos.

All the best,
Eva & Jim"

"Everything was great, Hillary looked like a Princess, we had a very
beautiful ceremony. We received a lot of complements on our dancing, thanks
again for all the time and patience you extended us. You taught us a skill
that we can use forever.

As soon as we get all our pictures back we will send you a photo of our
wedding, hopefully we will get a good dancing picture.

Thanks again for everything,
Hillary & Jon"

"Kerensa -

Jeff and I just wanted to let you know that we NAILED our wedding dance, "Fly Me To the Moon."
Friends and family commented on how well we danced ... naturally, relaxed and happy ... and how much they loved our dip at the end of the song.

Thanks again for your great dance lessons. We will be sure to recommend you to friends of ours, who intend to take dance lessons before their wedding.

Thanks again!!!!


Jaime & Jeff"

"Thank you for the lessons, for your
enthusiasm, and for your patience. We may be sending
some referrals of other engaged couples your way.

James & Rita"

"Thank you so much Kerensa! You are a fantastic teacher - I'd recommend you to anyone!

Thanks also SO MUCH for waiting at the studio with John's phone. I had to leave the next morning at 6am for a business trip, and he takes class on Long Island on Wednesday nights - so no one would have been able to get the phone until Thursday. He's also in our new apartment and we haven't set up "real" phone service yet, so his cell phone is his only phone. That was really nice of you to wait, and really helped us out a lot.

Hope you are well, and look for our honeymoon postcard soon :-)

-Joanne & John"

"hi kerensa,
thanks so much for all your help! we definitely learned a lot from you, and
believe it or not, peter and i have been practicing! we have that new step
(when he sings, "friends shaking hands") down!

we'll keep practicing up until the wedding... don't worry, we'll make you proud.

you will definitely receive a postcard from the caribbean, although we are
worried about the honeymoon now--a hurricane is currently ripping through the atlantic!

thanks again and take care,
karine & peter"

"Thanks Much, it was a pleasure for us. We
learned a great deal from your guidence. Hopefully
we, I should say I (Ken), will be able to remember the
twirls. I'm pretty sure I got it down. Can't wait for that Hawaii.

Definitely let you know how it went.

Thanks again.

Ken & Sarah"

"Hi Kerensa,

I know this thank you is 10 months late, but we hope all is well.
Unfortunately others were told to come out and join us too early in the dance,
so we didn't get to dance much of it alone. Here's a picture of our first dance together.

Kim & John"

"Good Morning Kerensa!
I just wanted to let you know that both my fiance (Matthew) & I had a wonderful time learning the basics with you!
You're a fantastic teacher, I don't know how he found you but I'm glad he did!
Thank you for your patience with us...I am looking forward to actually knowing what I'm doin' on the dance floor for a change!
Enjoy your day! =oD
Olesya & Matt"

"Hi, Kerensa:
It is our great pleasure to take your dancing lessons.
Kevin and I are both very happy with them, very
unforgettable. It turns out pretty good, the music and
the design, just we have to pray we would not be very nervous on that day.
And sure we will send you the dancing picture!

Wish you the best.
Ying & Kevin"

"The dance was FANTASTIC...thank you (so was the wedding!!!)---
We leave for Belize first thing tomorrow and I'll send you a postcard for sure.
Thanks so much again-- we had a great time with you!
-Jenn & Adrian,
August 2003

"Thank you so much for helping Harry & I prepare for our first dance on our wedding.
Although we tried to remember all our moves there were a few that were missed out,
although the good news is that our guests did not notice.
We actually got a lot of compliments about the dance and screams of excitement for the dip at the end.
Thank you once again, we couldn't have done it without you.
Kind Regards"
-Debbie & Harry,
August 2003

"Thanks again for all your guidance you would be proud! We danced really well!
Wendy's feet were covered by her gown, and our song went over very well!
Overall the wedding and Honeymoon to Italy were an overwhelming success!!!
Here is a photo from the wedding.We really can't thank you enough.
We had so much fun learning our dance moves with you - you are an excellent teacher!
Take care-"
-Wendy and Albert,
July 2003

"Thanks to you we have a 1st Dance that we're really looking forward to performing.
You are a great teacher-- your students are lucky to have found you.
Best of luck in the future. We hope to bump into you at the Rainbow Room."

-Nina & Nat,
July 2003

[from Anthony] "Thanks for the positive energy and for your help in creating our routine.
We will certainly send you a postcard once we get ourselves situated on the beach. :)"
[from Jeannie] "Though not as practiced - the dance went fine.
I kept a straight face & Anthony got us back on beat.
Our guests never knew the difference. Thanks so much!
-Anthony & Jeannie,
July 2003

"Our wedding waltz was great, although not as planned! We can't wait to show it to you.
We saw the Australian Philharmonic Orchestra play music by Strauss (many waltzes!)
There were dancers there too but not as good as us!! We'll see you when we get back (I think tango is next).
We've had a wonderful time here-- gone sailing, white water rafting, hot air ballooning, etc.
We will share with you when we get home!!
-Shane & Mike,
July 2003

"Our weddings in Singapore and Michigan went well and our dance
routine was definitely the biggest hit. Doing something like this is
definitely out of character for me so my family was dumbfounded. Nobody
knew it was coming and they were all shocked. The dancing lessons were
definitely the most value for the money of anything related to our weddings.
We thank you for your patience and skill in working with our two left feet."

-Rory & Jacqueline,
June 2003

"Our First Dance went flawlessly so we've been told.
The video will tell the truth though :)
Thanks you for all your help.
Fiji is wonderful-- we could stay here forever.
Thanks again!! We had a great time with your lessons!!"

-Bethany & Michael,
June 2003

"I want to thank you so much...we had a great time."

-Sandi & Bob,
May 2003

"We're back from the honeymoon, and we had a great time at our wedding.
I've attached a small clip of us dancing that a friend e-mailed to me.
The photographer is in the way, but I thought you'd be able to recognize a few steps.
Everyone was impressed with our dancing, and we are going to take some more lessons.
Thanks again for all your help! Hope you're doing well."

-Mike and Kim,
May 2003

"Just wanted to thank you again for the lesson last night.
Mike and I actually had a lot of fun! You were very helpful.
If we feel that we need another brush up before the wedding,
I will let you know and we can book another lesson. Thanks again!"

-Amy & Mike,
March 2003

-Amy & Terran, Nov. 2002
Costa Rica

"The dance was a hit!"

-Tami & Sam,
June 2002

We just had our wedding last Thursday, and everyone admired our dance.
Thanks so much! I'll send you a wedding picture via email once they're ready.
I hope you're doing well. We're going to recommend you
to other couples looking to learn their wedding dance!"

-Aparna and Nigam
June 2002

Kirk and I enjoyed the lessons and now picked up a new skill!
Unfortunately the band did not keep pace to what we practiced
but we just kept smiles on our faces like you told us to, and we got through it!"

-Susan & Kirk
June 2002

Thanks again for the crash course lesson last week!
We've been practicing and it helped us a lot--
unfortunately with the wedding just a few days away, we only have time for the one lesson.
We do have a good foundation now and we appreciate your help! Thank you!! "

-Jen & Lenny
June 2002

"We had a beautiful wedding and a fantastic honeymoon in
Hawaii. Our first dance -- the Foxtrot -- was great. Our mobility was a bit
limited with the wedding gown and all, so we didn't do it as well as we would have liked,
but everyone said we looked beautiful, and you would have been proud of us....we
even did a couple of rock step turns! The band covered 'You Make Me Feel Brand
New' perfectly. As promised, attached are two pictures of that infamous first
dance.Thanks so much for teaching us the moves! We loved our lessons, and will
definitely be back. Hope all is well.

-Michelle & Michael,
June 2002


"Our dance went so well and we got many compliments.
Most importantly, we had a lot of fun.
You did a great job of teaching us
and we will definitely refer you to our friends.
By the way, do you teach private Swing lessons?
We were thinking of getting a Swing lesson at some point,
so if you could let us know, that would be great.
We loved working with you. Thanks again for everything!"

-Jean & Tim May 2002



"Thank you so much for our dance lessons,
our wedding dance went quite well and we were complimented.
Hope things are going well for you."

-Jonathan & Rachel, May 2002





"It went okay - I didn't have time to gather my dress so we danced on it!"

-Wendy & Roberto, May 2002




"Thank you for all the dance lessons. You were great!
We had so much fun and got so much better.
We can't wait to impress everyone on our wedding day.
We'll let you know how it goes, and we will always recommend everyone to you!
Meanwhile we have continued to practice our dance...
Derek is doing a great job of leading me, and we always practice smiling during the promenade!
We have about 2 1/2 weeks to go before the big day-- we will let you know how it goes,
and we will also send you a picture of us dancing for sure!!!"

-Nikki & Derek, May 2002


"Thanks so much again for all your help in teaching us the foxtrot in time for our wedding.
Now "L-O-V-E" will always truly be our song.
Hard to believe it's been almost a year since that day!
Feel free to use us as a reference if you ever need one.
Thanks so much! All the best,"

-Sandy & Geoff,
May 2002

"Just wanted to let you know that our wedding was great
and our dance turned out wonderful. Thanks for the help!!"

-Jason & Jennifer, April 2002

"The wedding dance went one noticed that we didn't remember
everything we had learned. Luckily, we remembered enough!"

-Harvey & Allison, April 2002


"All went very well.
Here's some studio, ceremony, and reception pictures. Thanks!"

-Ping & Yu,
April 2002



"I just want to thank you for all of your help and patience.
We both feel that you did a great job with such short notice!
Thank you very much for teaching us - I think we're ready!"

-Shonelle & Rich, March 2002

"We feel so bad that we haven't called you since the wedding. Just wanted to
say thanks for all your help. We had a great time and I must say that our
dance was spectacular. It's all on videotape so we'll have to show it to
you sometime. We look forward to finding some time to take some swing
lessons soon . . .Again, thanks for everything!"

-Joe & Julie, January 2001

"You did a great job... we were very impressed with your teaching...
and we didn't give you much time or talent to work with.
We would have done great..
but our music system was sooo bad because it was on a beach in Mexico...
we could barely hear the song due to the crappy sound system...
but it went pretty well despite the technical difficulties with the sound system and
we did fine... and people clapped and we had fun..."

-Jeff & Patty, June 2000

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