Dance lessons cost $100 for the couple.

The lessons are always private.

Each lesson is fifty minutes in duration.

The rental of a small private dance room at a rehearsal studio is included in the lesson fee.

We never have to share our dance space simultaneously with other teachers/students, unlike at other schools.

This means that we get total control over the music system and can keep playing your music the whole time.

Please note that in order to get the full 50 minutes, you must arrive on time for your lesson as we can’t overstay our space rental

(if you arrive late, we will have to do less than 50 minutes and you would still have to pay the full price).

Also please note that a 48 hour cancelation policy apples to all scheduled appointments for lessons,

otherwise the couple must still pay for their scheduled lessons as it ties up the teacher’s time and the studio rental’s time.

Currently there is a promotion going on: 

You can get a 20% discount when you pre-pay a package of 3 or more lessons at a time.

Just mention the promo code: 20%DISCOUNT when scheduling your first lesson.

In order to get the discount, you must pre-pay the package in full (you can decide at the end of the first lesson).

For example:

 a prepaid package of 3 lessons= $240

 a prepaid package of 4 lessons= $320

 a prepaid package of 5 lessons= $400

 a prepaid package of 10 lessons= $800

The pay-as-you-go plan is $100 per lesson (no discount at the end, no matter how many you wind up taking; discounts are only given for pre-paid packages).

You are welcome to just do one lesson at a time, that way you are not locked into any package.

 To make an appointment now or to inquire further, please send an email to:

Or you can call 347-855-DANCE (that's 347-855-3262)

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